About Daivz Boatworks


About Daivz Boatworks
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Daivz BoatWork’s mission is to design and build the world’s finest hand carved wooden boats. Putting you into the drivers seat of a truly Canadian experience, join the adventure into the past and cruise the open waters in a wooden vessel.


About Daivz Boatworks
No slip is done

We are craftsmen. We pay attention to every detail. There may be similar ways to build a boat, but there are not similar standards. We pride ourselves in building boats to the highest standards. As part of our mission we feel it is imperative to treat our customers just the way we want to be treated when we make a purchase—which is with honesty and integrity, placing their best interest above all else. In so doing, we build trusting, open relationships that empower all parties to achieve their goals. Whether sail or power, traditionally styled or modern, our goal is to blend the everlasting look of wood, the best craftsmanship, and the best in modern technology to give our clients a product that is as unique as they are.


About Daivz Boatworks
Floor panels with no-slip

Wooden boats played a major role in exploring the wilds of Canada. You can participate in this shared adventure, become a part of the Canadian heritage and set off on the adventure of wooden boating.

Here at Daivz BoatWorks of Ontario Canada we are devoted to spreading the joy of boating. Our passion is helping you fulfill your passion for boating. Daivz BoatWorks Founded by Daiv Mowbray

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About Daivz Boatworks
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